Friday, August 19, 2005

Getting High!
There are 5 things that I have found out make U high! And there are 5 types of people in the world getting high. The first is which I put first because of when your born your just High On Life! Hell your messing & droolin all over the yourself just happy to be a part of this great thing called Life, Right? Then the second one is those High On God! Which is the second most safe high out there, but not without it's quirks! Then you find out your High On Drugs, which are just too much fun and take away any pain U might feel from being High On Life! Cause people die and it hurts right! Then U have those who get High On Power which is worst then being High On Drugs because they kill others vice them selves! Then there are the few able to get High On Money, Which is connected to Power which leads to Drugs, which takes what the God-fearing peeps won't admit they love Money, but however that brings us back to our origin! Life! So Just get high on life! The other things will seek u down but getting high on life is free!!!!! Then there is, U know, the simple folk tryin to get high on life! Cause we all gonna die some day! So Lets Get High!!!!!

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I Don Vito said...

I'm gonna puke!!!!