Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Here is alittle info about Mandy!
I'm a Border Collie/ Black lab mix. I'm very smart and way too loyal for for daddy! I'm 6 years old and has traveled quite a bit including road trips to Ohio, NC. and Florida. I also love to please mee master. Why, We have still yet figured that one out. more on that subject later...While Daddy is at work I watch the house and run off any would be intruders! then when Daddy gets home I bug him to death till he takes me out to run and play alittle! ( I think sometimes he is really tired from work, but I bug him anyways right? High 5's fellow dogs! Ruff!!!) Everytime Daddy brings a friend home I get between him and her and let her know who his girl is right! Then I get in his lap with my butt in her face and my tail wagin!!!! High 5's again! Arf!!!! If You email me w/ a pic I'll send u some more ways to Be the Kramer of dogs! Woolf Woolf!!!! Well I have some sniffin 2 do so see ya!!!....Arf Arf!!!!! BTW: Has anybody seen me Leash? Dang!!!!!

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