Tuesday, February 07, 2006


ultimate myspace survey!
Full Name::Paul Alan Collins
Nicknames::Pacdog, Stick, Pacman, Phil
Birthplace::Silver Springs, MD.
Hair Color::Blonde
Eye Color::Blue
Song(s)::Why don't We get drunk & Screw!
Band(s)::Buffett, Prine, NIN
Day of the year::Saturdays!
Sport::Golf for playing, NFL for watching.
Store::what cha need?
Actor::Their ok
Actress::their Hot!
Vacation Spot::In my Head!
Do you prefer...
coke/pepsi::Cocain for sure!
chocolate/vanilla::hot Chocolate!
1percent/2percent milk::Whole!
rock/rap::Both! Geeze, who worte this Chit!
Love stuff...
Are you single?:Now!
If so, do you have someone in mind?:Oh yeah!
Who?:She knows!
What personality traits do you look for in the opposite sex?:honesty & humor!
What's the first thing you notice(physically) about them?:Eyes! then Lips, then work down Baby!
Would you prefer a good or bad boy/girl?:Bad!
Have you kissed someone?:Hello? I'm 45 for Gods sake!
Have you ever been in love?:Was married till she passed away...
Have you had your heart broken?:Kinda....
Other stuff...
Have you gone skinny-dipping?:DUH!
Have you ever been out of the country?:12 years USN so DUH!
Do you believe in god?:DUH!
Do you believe in yourself?:Ahhhhhhhhhhh OK DUH!
Do you want to get married?:Not again thanks..
Do you play any sports?:refer up!
What was the last phone number you dialed?:My cousin Christy..
Do you have a best friend?:Not really! But I have alot of really good 1's!
Have you ever wanted to die?:Yulp!
Have you seen someone die?:Yulp.
Have you gone swimming in an ocean?:all 4 of them! IO included!
Have you ever cried in public?:Yulp!
What is your worst fear?:Cryin in public!
How long does it take you to shower?:A damn long time! Dirty Boy! I use Axe!
What was the last movie you saw in the theater?:Pink Floyd "The Wall" on Acid!
What was the last movie you rented?:Can't remember.
Do you have a favorite quote?:What goes around, comes around!
Do you have any regrets?:Too many to list.
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Tonya said...

Those were cool times Pauly. Thanks for the good times. That is a cool pic with the smoke.